Mapping hurricane hazards, survivals and repair in Dominica


Making life amidst the environmental crises of Man


Learning how communities survived past storms and built houses with the hurricane in mind.


Sharing stories of life and repair in the wake of Hurricane Maria and other storms.


Locating hazards and sharing knowledge of adaption in a warming world.

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  • A Journey Through Storms Past

    Notes from an Archive Internship On March 2nd, 2021 I began my archive internship at the Documentation Centre in Roseau, Dominica. Even typing out the date it seems like so long ago, and yet, it feels too soon to end. It has been a major learning experience for me as an intern at Create Caribbean […]
  • Still standing: the ti kais of Dominica

    [Cover image credit ©Dora Papp] Surviving Storms | CCC team members have been busy working to establish the ti kai collective a group of Dominican architects, vernacular heritage campaigners and architecture students who will undertake the first ever survey of Dominica’s distinctive ti kais (‘small houses’). The collective is made up of Dr Adom Philogene […]
  • Transitions: Geospatial Fieldwork in Dominica

    Preparations began in August 2020 when the Mona Geoinformatics institute (MGI) recruited, me a GIS research associate to work full time on the Caribbean Cyclone Cartography (CCC) project. I had not long graduated with an MSc in Geospatial Science and was delighted to find a project that aligned to the focus of my thesis, which […]
  • Mapping Dominica’s Road to Resilience – The 3rd Anniversary of Hurricane Maria

    Three years ago, the skies over the island nation of Dominica darkened, powerful winds picked up, and waves began crashing onshore with great intensity. Unknown to the people of Dominica, Hurricane Maria was gearing up to make landfall on the southwest coast of the island, a hurricane event that would eventually leave 31 people dead, 37 missing, and […]
  • Drifted Away

    CCC have been working with local artists who have been creating artistic work as a form of therapy, a kind of healing. As part of these engagements, we supported Dominican artist and mother Melia Delsol and ethnobotanist and artist Dóra Papp to submit their work to Cornell University’s Dark Laboratory Photographic Essay Prize. They came […]

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    Inaugural Project Symposium

    Morne Bruce, Dominica | 6th May 2021 On the 6th May 2021 the Surviving Storms…
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    A love letter to fruit and family | An almanac for Caribbean futures This multi-modal…
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    A Journey Through Storms Past

    An Archive Intern’s Podcast Kaila-Ann Guiste (a student at Dominica State College + Create Caribbean…
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    Besides rivers: abundant life and ecologies of hope

    An essay on Caribbean cosmology, rivers, hurricanes and healing in response to an ethnobotanical art…
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    Workshop 3 + 4 : Learning about film on film

    Led (via video link) by Dr Ricardo Leizaola, a Venezuelan visual ethnographer based at Goldsmiths…
Mapping hurricane hazards, survivals and repair in Dominica
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