‘Geographies of Risk’ podcast

Adom speaks with Environmental Dynamics Lab’s Dr Eli Lazarus about the project + survival plots that unfold in face of the hurricane

S2E7 – Dr Adom Philogene Heron: surviving storms
(recorded 18/11/21; aired 17/12/21)


About the GoR podcast:

This podcast is an effort to explore the extraordinary diversity of risk and its manifestations – in environmental, social, financial, economic, cultural, and health contexts, and the liminal spaces in which those contexts blur.

In these episodes, I speak with people who are investigating risk in different ways – in different fields and topics and settings, through different research methods, and from different theoretical and conceptual and empirical perspectives.

For other episodes see: https://envidynxlab.org/portfolio/geographies-of-risk-podcast/

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Mapping hurricane hazards, survivals and repair in Dominica