Sylavain ‘Watchie’ Parillon 


Everybody in Colihaut knows Sylavain ‘Watchie’ Parillon. His ti kai stands at a crossroads, in an area known as the Ghetto. With its small old houses and rum shops, across from the historic Catholic church, the Ghetto is the cultural heart of the village. At the front of his house Watchie has a bar that opens on weekends, where he sells grilled chicken, drinks, and plays reggae music long into the night. 

Seeing only its plywood clad front, few would immediately identify Watchie’s house as a ti kai. But pass down a side lane and you see its white cedar...

This has post has been shortened to only include the first 100 words, not the full document as we don’t want to infringe on the book Still standing: the ti kais of Dominica

Ti Kai Map

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