Cyril | Loubiere | Dominica Story Project

Cyril talked with Tahj and Jahres, alongside Gabrielle, about Hurricane Maria. 

…He describes how the hurricane reshaped the landscape, questions to what extent one can prepare for such storms, says how Maria took his modest home and reflects on the power of the Most High in determining one’s survival.  

Co-produced by Sam Sweeting.

Oggy | Loubiere | Dominica Story Project

Oggy of Loubiere spoke with Kaila-Ann and Rennick about Hurricanes Maria (2017) and David (1979)

He speaks of all that Maria took from him, how the storm affected people materially and his hopes to reinforce his home. Asked about healing he replied: 

“It’s my age. To me I cannot heal because I lost everything I had. I wouldn’t heal, but I will live”

Co-produced by Sam Sweeting

Jeff | Loubiere | Dominica Story Project

Jeff talked with Mia Bruno, Gibran Esprit & Adom Philogene Heron about how his community came together in Maria’s wake, reflects on how Loubiere has repaired 4 years on and shares his hopes for the future of his village.

Co-produced by Samantha Sweeting.

Esther | Loubiere | Dominica Story Project

Esther talked with Tracey, Joanna and Adom about her memories of Hurricane David (1979), the trees that fell and rivers that swelled in her community, as well as how her livelihood and mentality were affected by Maria (2017). 

Co-produced by Aimee Billingsley

Suzanne | Loubiere | Dominica Story Project

Suzanne spoke with Tahj, Jahres and Gabrielle about the importance of the river, the sous (freshwater springs) and the power of faith in Maria’s wake. 

Co-produced by Sam Sweeting.

Scratchie (Montgomery Richards) | Loubiere | Dominica Story Project

Scratchie spoke with Tahj, Jahres and Gabrielle about his community and life before, during and after Maria. 

He asks if one can ever prepare for or heal from a storm like Maria, reminisces on how his community used to be before the storm and his hope for its restoration. He also discusses the power and potential of a united Dominican people. 

Co-produced by Sam Sweeting.

Priscilla | Loubiere | Dominica Story Project

Priscilla spoke with Mia Bruno and Gibran Esprit of Create Caribbean Research Institute about Maria and Erika. 

She speaks of divine providence, how the rivers ‘showed themselves’ during the storms, the resilience of Black people and our ancestors, the toll the storm took on elder Dominicans and the death of her father in the months that followed Maria. 

Co-produced by Samantha Sweeting.

Al | Loubiere | Dominica Story Project

Al of Loubiere spoke with Kaila-Ann, Rennick and Adom about Hurricane Maria (2017)

He tells them what Maria taught him about his own mental strength, about the changing river and shoreline, how the storm affected his family and community, as well as his thoughts on the future.

Co-produced by Sam Sweeting

Rhoda | Loubiere | Dominica Story Project

Rhoda spoke with Mia and Gibran of Create Caribbean about her experiences of Tropical Storms Erika (2015) & Hurricane Maria (2017).

She tells them what the storms taught her, shares how they changed her life and community, how she lived with their psychological impacts and many other lessons. 

Co-produced by Samantha Sweeting.