The Nature of Ruins | Carol Sorhaindo | Creative Repair

‘For me nature is the thing that heals, it kind of softens… I think that we still have a lot of healing to be done in Dominica…’  

‘New shoots of growth… documenting growth is my healing’ 

Carol Sorhaindo is a Dominican artist and designer. Her research interests connect her to place through explorations of the historic threads that entangle transatlantic botanical and human narratives.    

In this film Carol reflects on her artistic practice, how her work with fraying threads, organic materials and natural dyes speak to a sense of healing. Healing in relation to painful histories of plantation enslavement and settlement. Healing in the aftermath hurricanes.  

The film introduces her current work, the Nature of Ruins, as we see her creating natural dyes and her work hanging in former sugar mill on Dominica‚Äôs East Coast, reclaimed by vines and trees.  

Film created by Michael Lees, Adom Philogene Heron, Annabel Wilson and Nicole Morson. 

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