Seven Head Monster | Alvin ‘Vino’ Adrien | Creative Repair

‘you that can create things …probably have a vital role to play, to try to have a picture! Not to really think back on what really happen, to the destruction the very bit [every detail], but at least something to give you a little solage [consolation, joy]. To give you a little: “well it happen, you know, but look is dat we make out of it!”… is not easy to look back at Maria and say, “its okay”‘.

In this short film Alvin ‘Vino’ Adrien of Morne Rachette shares his world of creativity. He shares his inspirations as an artist, his memories of his elder brother who was also an artist, of Erika (2015) and Maria (2017), as well as his work of helping people live with and begin to heal from the effects these storms.

One can visit Vino’s Museum in Morne Rachette on most days, accessible from the E O Leblanc highway on the turning before Coulibistrie when heading north.

Film created by Michael Lees, Adom Philogene Heron, Annabel Wilson and Khade Elwin.

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