My Country Still Nice | Chris B | Creative Repair 

‘Music is my life, music is everything to me’ 

‘In Dominica… survival supposed to be in you’ 

In this short film the renowned calypsonian Christopher ‘Chris B’ Sylvester of St Joseph, West Dominica, tells the story of his hit song ‘My Country Still Nice’, which earned rave reviews in the 2018 Kaiso monarch finals that followed Maria.   

He takes us on a journey from his home, where music fills each room, to his bus, on which he carries passengers to and from town, earning a daily bread. He reflects on his love of music, the survival ethic of Dominican people, the terrible storm that inspired ‘My Country Still Nice’ and his hopes for the future. 

Film created by Michael Lees, Adom Philogene Heron, Annabel Wilson and Nicole Morson. 

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