Judith Peters: A Dominican Farmer’s Oral History

A short film by Tiana Smith, Sydney Thomas and Naomi Celestine. 

Directed by Adom Philogene Heron and Annabel Wilson. Executive production, Samantha Sweeting. 

Judith tells her story of growing up in banana farming, raising her family, the traditional practices of her parents and the shortfalls of chemical fertiliser and pesticides. She also speaks of her dreams for the future – of having a model farm and a seed bank – and how she returned to nursing and her farm straight after Maria.  

This film is a collaboration between the I Have a Right Foundation girls advocacy group, North East Women in Agriculture Movement and the Surviving Storms | CCC project. 

Thanks to  

Work stream lead: 

Prof Cecilia Green 

Visual Methods and Oral History Training: 

Prof Cecilia Green 

Dr Ricardo Leizaola  

Dr Annabel Wilson 

Tahj Pollock 

Gibran Esprit

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