Guabancex | Celia Sorhaindo, N’jelle Thorne, Nicole Morson, YoungSkilledMusicians | Creative Repair

‘we see see parts of our communities we have never seen before

we see parts of ourselves and others we have never seen before’

‘we take deep breaths. We sigh. We sigh. We sigh’

‘we are grateful we have each other’

‘we are grateful to be alive’

In this re-rendering of Celia Sorhaindo’s powerful poetry collection, ‘Guabancex’ (…, N’jelle Thorne, Nicole Morson and the Young Skilled Musicians (drummers from Marigot and the Kalinago territory) interpret Sorhaindo’s poems – ‘Hurricane Praxis’ + ‘My Sister and I are Picking Mangoes’ – through movement and music.

Thank you Nicole Morson, Shadrach Burton, Khade Elwin, Michael Lees, Celia Sorhaindo and Alexandra Sorhaindo for your voice work.

Directed by Guy Thorne. Co-created by Michael Lees, Celia Sorhaindo, N’jelle Thorne, Adom Philogene Heron, Annabel Wilson.

15.361135 -61.39655