A Road to Repair – a Petite Savanne Koudmen (short film)

Road to Repair tells the story of villagers rebuilding a the road to their home, their farms, their livelihoods – a lifeline for a community devastated and displaced by tropical storm Erika in 2015.

Shortly after landslides and floods took the lives of 18 souls, the village was declared abandoned by government. Yet, many continue to make life there. Some never left; some go back and forth to their gardens or the bay oil distillery in Ti Savanne from their resettlement in Bellevue Chopin; and some simply return for the weekend ‘lime’ and enjoy their place.

Their road is a pathway home – to livelihoods, to ancient bay trees and to their land. The road to repair is long but the villagers are making a way.

If you can please assist the villagers in their koudmen (cooperative work) – buying materials, food and drinks – please contact Starette on +1 767 277 4538

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