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    Inaugural Project Symposium

    Morne Bruce, Dominica | 6th May 2021 On the 6th May 2021 the Surviving Storms project team invited a group key stakeholders to discuss the project’s objectives and guide its vision. Invited guests included local village council representatives, relevant government agencies (forestry, agriculture, CREAD), as well as those from disaster management, youth, media and education sectors. The discussions on …

  • Workshop

    Workshop 3 + 4 : Learning about film on film

    Led (via video link) by Dr Ricardo Leizaola, a Venezuelan visual ethnographer based at Goldsmiths University of London, these sessions encouraged the interns to begin to see and imagine the world through the medium of film. During the workshops Ricardo presented the camera and camera phone as a medium to capture scenes, shots & sound; offering techniques for beginning and …

  • Workshop

    Workshop 2: Interviewing

    In this second session Adom and Annabel introduced the interns to varied approaches of interviewing and the interns experimented with various interview styles and ways of asking questions. Download Presentation

  • Workshop

    Introducing Surviving Storms | the CCC project

    In this session Adom and Annabel met with the Create Caribbean intern cohort for 2020/21, shared a groundwork for the project and invited the interns to consider what ‘resilience from below’ might mean in local terms. Download Presentation

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